King George's Field

A Great Place to Play Sport

About King George’s Field

King George’s Field is a registered charity that works with Fields In Trust to run an open public space that is purely for the use of sports. We are one of 471 different King George playing fields that were built by the King George’s Fields Foundation. Founded in 1936 by Sir Percy Vincent in the memory of the late King George V, the foundation was created to allow any individual to play any sport at any time they like. Although the foundation dissolved in 1965, the fields have been kept running and in good condition by Fields In Trust.

Fields and Outdoor Playground

Situated in Fulmer, we have several sports clubs that use our grounds. They rely heavily on us to keep the grounds maintained, allowing them to play and enjoy the sports they love. Alongside our fields, we also have an outdoor playground that is open for all children, while an adjacent seating area is perfect for parents to keep an eye on their little ones. Keep your children active and make the most of the beautiful summer days with a visit to our playground.

Your Donations

As a charity, we are reliant upon donations to maintain the standard of our facilities, including the playing fields and playground. King George’s Field is grateful for all and any donations from the general public. If you would like to find out more about how to donate, please give us a call.

CONTACT us now, in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire, for further information about our sports clubs and bar.